What our students say

In spite of the snow, I was really pleased that the student focus groups I’d set up a week or so ago were fairly well attended. There was a good mix of UK and International students and representatives from each of the Faculties. They all had something useful and productive to say and confirmed that students are increasingly aware of the need to establish a positive online presence. I was disappointed that so few of them had actually seen or used our e-Portfolio, but they gave useful pointers as to how we can encourage more students to use it. Quite a few students mentioned that they had set up a LinkedIn profile in their search for a job,  but agreed that it wasn’t necessarily a case of either/or. Indeed the focus group that met in the Atrium (Faculty of Creative & Cultural Industries) seem to prefer an approach which uses a variety of tools, such as YouTube, Tumblr and Blogs to target different audiences, but felt that an e-Portfolio which might point to all of these would be useful.

All the students I met have agreed to try out the e-Portfolio and feed back in some follow-up sessions later on in the project.


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